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Voices of Tranquility

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World meditation, an invitation to peace and relaxation. Using rhythm, chant & Balinese Poetry, World Meditation has delived into the four corners of the earth and has uncovered 11 blissful ethnic gamelan melodic and evocative tracks.
From the hypnotic voice sounds of India, China, Bali to the innocent baby voice of Abih.
World Meditation takes you on a hypnotic & meditative journey through the music of Bali, India, & Harp. Each track is an invitation to help calm the anxious and busy mind and the album notes provide a unique and step by step guide to meditation.

01. Little Buddha (Featuring Abih)
02. Meditation Anthem
03. Retreat To Nature
04. Meditation Whisper
05. Floating Moon
06. The Child (Featuring Abih)
07. Rainforest Paradise
08. Ancient Voices
09. Jazzy Relaxation
10. Long Life Chant
11. Voices of Balinese (Kidung)

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