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The set of instrument in this orchestra is known as The SEMARA WINANGUN
a combination of Gong Gede,Gong Kebyar and Semar Pegulingan (able to produce sounds related to notes for both the pentatonic and diatonic scales)

The story of Ramayana is classic story that has been well known since centuries ago.
in this story, Rama is the symbol of an obedient child, a kind brother and an affectionate husband. Rama is also the symbol of a brave knight,a wise and fair king. In the other way, Shinta is the symbol of a faithful wife.

The story of Ramayana itself tells about the love story between Rama and Shinta which faced a lot of temptations but at ;ast Rama can successfully defeated Dasamuka, has big enemy, through long great war and rescued Shinta.

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