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Jegog Tiying Sangkep

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Gamelan from Western of Bali
Jegog is tuned to unusual and haunting 4-one scale which it is specualted was derived from 2,3,4 and 7 of the full 7 tone pelog.
All of the instrument have 8 tubes. On the Jegogan and the two calungs tuned an octave above them,the right hand tubes duplicate the tones of those on the left,enabling the players to play rolling melodies by alternating left and right hand strokes between notes of the same pitch.

1.Tabuh Kendang Gae-gae
2.Tabuh Tiying Sangkep
3.Tari Satya Jagadhita
4.Tari Jinarmurti
5.Tabuh Darma Kusuma
6.Tabuh Teruntungan Bebek Putih Jambul [new version]

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