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Gamelan Genggong is one of the traditional Balinese music based on instrument call genggong which also known as jew's harp. Gamelan Genggong
consist of many different kind of percussion instruments such as kendang (drum) as a leading tempo,tawa tawa (knob gong) as a time biter,kleneng (kettle gong)
playing alternate to time biter,rincik (a set of small cymbals),guntang (slating bamboo instrument) as punctuation instrument and gong pulu (a pair of bar with boxes resonator as finales)

1.Katak Ongkek
2.Tabuh Telu
3.Angklung Gegineman
4.Sekar Sungsang
5.Nyesel Awak
8.Pengipuk Legodbawa

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