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Daintree Dreamtime Bali Spa

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Sounds of the Daintree rainforest with beautiful haunting sacred gamelan "slonding" melodies.

01. Gending Rejang Lente (Saih Sadhi)
02. Gending Rejang Sekar Gadung (Saih Sadhi)
03. Gending Rejang Ileh (Saih Sadhi)
04. Gending Rejang Guna (Saih Sadhi)
05. Gending Rejang Renteg (Saih Puja Smara)
06. Gending Rejang Duren-Duren Ijo (Saih Puja Semara)
07. Gending Rejang Ileh (Saih Salah)
08. Gending Kelompok Guna (saih Salah)

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